First World Problems Part II

While walking to a communal meditation, I pass by the soup kitchen where people cluster in a group of friends, joyfully talking and waiting for hot food. It was icy, wet, and cold. I smiled at them and we exchanged a few friendly words.

Their cheerful attitude encouraged me as I braved the weather.

As I kept walking, I saw a straggly, skinny dog in the cold. I felt bad for him, so I wanted to share some of my breakfast (organic lentils and veggies smooshed and fried). All of a sudden, an irate, well dressed man holding a cup of coffee screams at me, “what did you give her?!!”. I replied a piece of my organic lentil and veggie sausage. I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t know he belonged to anyone. The man replied, “HE is a SHE and SHE is mind.” He then took the food I, out of sadness for the dog, tried to share. I apologized again and was on my way.

I understand that maybe the dog had allergies, BUT this food was the same ingredients my dog got when he had allergies. And if he is so concerned about his dog, he shouldn’t leave his dog outside, or so scraggly looking that people feel sorry for it

Can you say first world problems about the man with the coffee?!!!

I blogged about this today, because I thought it was a beautiful symbol of how much happier and kinder are those that live simple, non materialistic lives.
I’m not saying we have to be poor to be happy, I’m saying that happiness comes from receiving what we need without attaching to it.

Why I usually don’t do restorative yoga

Being a 21 year old yoga teacher, I definitely don’t have.a lot of financial assets. I’m lucky to pay the bills, but food, and have some left over.
So when the transmition and brakes died in my car, I knew it was Bye Bye Transportation.
I was pretty panicked at first. I had to cut out 11 classes at thd Kansas studio. And wasn’t sure how to pay my half of the bills.
Once I realized I could pay half thd bills on teaching four classes, I relaxed a bit.

But then it set in, I only work 4 hours a week.

I’m a fidgeted. I can’t sit still, except in yoga. So I’m transitioning into this new life pattern. I’m hoping to use clocks less, and get back into the routine of working out, doing a Japa mala vinyasa, iyengar yoga, and a meditation everyday. I’m going to be walking more to do errands, since I have no car.

Part of me is terrified of the silence, the other part of me is proud to be setting back into the lifestyle I love.